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#BlairWaldorf #GossipGirl

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Cleaning the Cabniet

Today while at work my boss ask to have a talk with me. I thought i did something wrong. she just wanted to tell me that I was doing a good job and gave me some positive criticism. she says ” Liz you don’t smile give people the impression you want them to have. Never let someone come up with one on their own.” people tell me that I should smile more. they also say you must be approachable so I will practice smiling more often. After many years of gaining friendships I have realized that many have not lasted. during a visit to bath and body works I realized that it is vital for me to continue investing in myself which means I need to invest in my friends they are like mt cabinet and without them I am as efficient as I could be nor am I as happy. It’s no secret that you need to know who you can trust in hard times. So I have cleaned my cabinet.



Today I found out that i have two suite mates I hope they are nice. I believe that i am going to have a great  view of the river. I have found a dentist he is great really nice and pleasant I enjoy my visits. So I am finally starting to relax and meet some new people. I have started up conversations quite easily and see a bright social life ahead for myself. I have six weeks until it is time to move.


Bag sale

Yesterday I attended the bag sale at the YWCA on the corner of Elizabeth and Lee street. I bought one bag of clothes  which included two dress shirts three pairs of dress pants two printed bottoms and a lounge shirt that I may have turned into a dress. everything was a total of three dollars. I have thought about styling my new findings and posting pictures.


Business school

After interviewing and visiting several options I was admitted to my first and second choices. I decided on attending the University of Charleston. I was elated to have my mother read me the acceptance letter. I have completed some paperwork and read everything I know about. I am ready to make my next move in life.



It has been a couple of weeks after graduation. I have finally headed back to the gym. that has been way over due but, i am gad the time has come. if i am not healthy i am not happy. I hope to get back to my pre-senior year weight. Justin my trusted friend and trainer is going to help me see that it happens. the next  thing on my list is to socialize more I do not network enough.



its memorial day weekend. I went shopping yesterday to my local mall. Christopher & Banks had a sale going on. i have never shopped there before, I seen a sparkling top in a box so i had to stop in. after looking around I really liked the store and customer service. I left with a sweater and fo leather jacket for 21.18. I also stopped by bath and body works they had a 3 for 3 sale and a buy one get one free for pink products. the sales woman informed me that the semi-annual sale starts on the thirteenth of next month, after i picked up a workout journal to record my sessions with Justin the trainer.

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